The International Safeguarding Conference (ISC) is an annual event which brings together Church leaders, safeguarding professionals, trauma specialists and others to share knowledge and best practice in the preventing and tackling of abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 conference will be a hybrid event consisting of online presentations and a final event in Rome.

The final Anglophone Safeguarding Conference was held in 2019. A group of people felt it was important to establish a new conference to continue the important work of the Anglophone and formed an organising committee and the International Safeguarding Conference (ISC). 

The ISC Organising Committee comprises:

  • Fr Hans Zollner SJ – President, Centre for Child Protection 
  • Ms Tina Campbell – Assistant Project Coordinator, Promotion of Consistent Culture of Protection, Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
  • Mr Andrew Azzopardi – Head of Safeguarding, Safeguarding Commission Malta
  • Mr Simon Davies – Director of Professional Standards, Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Australia

The ISC will bring together like minded people to further develop their practices and understanding to enhance the Safeguarding of Children, Young People and People at Risk in religious institutions. 

The ISC welcomes all people from safeguarding practitioners to religious leaders from around the world.